I Love Ngoc Lan

Tinh dau tinh cuoi

Toi yeu thich giong hat cua Ngoc Lan tu khi nho, nhat la khi chi hat ban Tinh Dau Tinh Cuoi that la tuyet voi, theo toi thi khong ai co the so sanh giong hat cua Ngoc Lan

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  1. Dung vay, Chi Ngoc Lan trinh bay Tinh Dau Tinh Cuoi tuyet voi lam. Dieu Nhac Valse that la de thuong.

    Comment by donny — 8/18/2003 @ 10:44 am
  2. Toi cung rat thich bai hat na`y khi ma` chi Ngoc Lan trinh bay… rat ddat, rat dieu luyen.

    Nhung co mot dieu khong thich la` Duy Cuong hoa am hoi la~ng… ko hop voi ne’t nhac cua ba`i hat…

    Ngoc Lan rules!!!

    Comment by vuongngocyen — 8/20/2003 @ 7:22 am
  3. Trai lai toi rat la thich loi hoa am cua bai Tinh Dau Tinh Cuoi. Loi hoa am lam cho bai nay song dong va moi me. Truoc khi nghe Ngoc Lan trinh bai nay toi that su khong thich vi cho may. Sau khi nghe Ngoc Lan trinh bai nay thi toi thich ngay.

    Comment by donny — 8/20/2003 @ 8:02 am
  4. đŸ™‚

    Comment by vuongngocyen — 8/21/2003 @ 1:56 am

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