I Love Ngoc Lan

Thank you!

This is such a great site.. Thank you for Mozart too *sniff sniff* I love him…

Bam cai nut comment khong duoc, phai mo cai post moi *sniff sniff*


  1. Howcome? I have no problem accessing it. Anyone else has this problem?

    Comment by donny — 5/23/2003 @ 10:12 am
  2. Yes thank you. That la mot ky cong cho danh ca Ngoc Lan

    Comment by Lily — 5/24/2003 @ 9:21 pm
  3. Ban bam cai nut comment ben duoi.
    Toi yeu men Ngoc Lan nhieu lam, toi rat vui mung Ngoc Lan da co cai website cua rieng chi. That qui vi lam su qua tuong tuong cua toi, phai ghi nhan cai cong lao do cua qui vi.
    Ngay ca cai ten chon cung rat hay, hoan nginh qui vi va cam on tat ca cac ban da lam nen trang nay!
    Oi niem thuong noi nho cho nguoi bac menh voi tieng hat mong manh ru doi.

    Comment by Tri — 5/25/2003 @ 6:29 am