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Visiting Ngoc Lan

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I just want to share something with everyone.
A month ago, I went to Santa Anna. Besides vacationing there, I also visited Ngoc Lan’s Grave. The first time I was there, Anh Tran Thang’s wife (May Productions) took me there, but when I was there this time, I completely forgot where it was since that it’s a big cemetery. I asked one of the ladies who works there. I was amazed by her response.
She first asked me for Ngoc Lan’s real name so I gave her Ngoc Lan’s real name.
After about 5 minutes, she said to me, “Isn’t she a singer.”
I said, “wow you still remember her even though it has been over 2 years now?”
She said, “Oh yes, how can I forget. She must be a very famous singer because that day was very very crowded and still now, we have many visitors visiting her grave.”
She also said, “She’s so pretty to die so young”
I thank her and went to find Ngoc Lan’s Grave.
I brought flowers and said some prayers. One thing I said to Ngoc lan was, “All of your fans miss you tremendously and we’ll always miss you. You are always in our heart.” I stayed there for about half an hour and left.
I just wanted to know are there anyone out there who did attend Ngoc Lan’s funeral that day? I, myself, choose not to attend her funeral because I think it would be too devastating for me and I don’t know if I can handle that. I would rather keep her in my mind as she was before she passed away.


  1. Buối tối hôm qua mình mới rảnh để coi hết những VCDs của NL mà mình có…hic hicc…thế là tối nằm mơ sảng liền.

    Bạn nào mà muốn NL đến trong giấc mơ của mình thì cứ thế mà làm nhé :)

    Comment by Sweetie — 6/25/2003 @ 3:23 pm

  2. Danny.
    NOT TO BE MORBID but did you take some pics of Ngoc Lan’s resting place? If you did could you send (email) some of them to me? This is for another project of mine, when I’m done I’ll let you guys know. It would be faster than wait for me to go there then take some pictures.

    Comment by ngoc — 6/26/2003 @ 8:27 am

  3. Ngoc,
    I didn’t think of takins pictures because of 2 reasons.
    1. I’m not sure if Ngoc Lan would approve that.
    2. I don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of someone’s resting place.

    Comment by Ngoc Lan Idol — 6/26/2003 @ 12:31 pm

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