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Moi cac ban xem lai nhung doan quay phong van Ngoc Lan trong chuong trinh Hollywood Night. Cam on anh TNS da bo cong ra xoan lai nhung ky niem quy bao nay de chung ta co the nho den Ngoc Lan. Khong chi chich ra nhung doan phong van, anh TNS con dem them vao nhac de lam cho cuoc phong van duoc phong phu them. Vua nghe Ngoc Lan tro chuyen va vua nghe tieng hat cua chi ay lam toi cam dong vo cung. Mot lan nua cam on anh TNS rat nhieu.

Vua de len hai ban nhac Phap Mal and Revoir do anh TNS da goi den. Hai nhac pham nay lai dem den nhung ky niem xua.


  1. Bai Revoir hay wa xa´ :o) . Sweetie lan dau duoc nghe bai nay… I would love to have its mp3.

    Comment by Sweetie — 7/30/2003 @ 2:12 pm

  2. I think so too, Sweetie, the first time I heard it I knew it had to be on here so everyone else can appreciate what staggering talent the lady had. I am listening to it at work right now, so cool!!!

    Comment by ngoc — 7/30/2003 @ 2:37 pm

  3. Tuyet qua , cam on anh TNS .Truoc nay toi cu lay lam tiec da khong con duoc xem lai tat ca nhung chuong trinh video co phong van NL thi anh da lam dum roi .Mot lan nua cam on anh .

    Comment by myall — 8/1/2003 @ 11:22 am

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