I Love Ngoc Lan

Improved look

Wow.. .I’m impressed. If these changes were made before today then I’m sorry I did not see them. But my hat’s off to webmaster for reorganizing the pages. Everything can be seen so clearly now, categorized neatly and rationally. And did you look at the “archives” page? I love it, all posts arranged by topic, so you can easily find an old post and respond away. Impressive!


  1. Yes! I do alot of these behind the scene works 🙂

    I rearranged everything in alphabetical order. The archives are now listed by posts (Wish anh Sinh used Titles for his posts so we don’t see the numbers)

    To show that this site is up with standard I created to valid xhtml and css.

    Lastly, to indicate which page you’re currently on, I made it bold to stand out from the rest. For instance! If you on the Articles page, the word ‘Articles’ becomes bold. It helps users to get around easily without being lost. As you can see, this site is growing so much that we need to be organinsed.

    Everything I do, I do it for Ngoc Lan 🙂


    Comment by donny — 7/31/2003 @ 8:22 am
  2. A thumb up for Donny. The site is getting bigger and bigger.better and better. Keep up the good work, Donny.

    Comment by Lẩm Cẩm — 7/31/2003 @ 10:04 am