I Love Ngoc Lan

Giong ca Ngoc Lan

Toi nghi Ngoc Lan hat nhac tinh hay hon ai het. Co nhieu ban nhac, gio toi da quen ten cho toi thay NL co cai vocal range that la dang phuc. NL co the xuong that thap va len that cao, it nhut la 2 octave, maybe 3 octave.
Toi thich NL hat bai Mua He Nam Ay, khong ai hat ban ay hay bang NL.
Thuy (rat thich Mozart)


  1. Ban Thuy,

    Dung vay, khong co ai co the hat hon NL ban do ca. Hinh nhu chinh NL da viet loi phai khong? Neu toi nho khong lam thi hinh mot trong nhung bai ay, NL da viet loi.

    Comment by donny — 8/13/2003 @ 8:21 am
  2. Donny
    Ngọc Lan viết lời bài “Ngày Vui Năm Ấy”

    Comment by TNS — 8/13/2003 @ 2:15 pm
  3. I thought it’s “Khuc Lan”, is Khuc Lan Ngoc Lan?

    Comment by ngoc — 8/13/2003 @ 2:24 pm
  4. It’s confusing because I have a CD with another singer performing Mua Tren Bien Vang (once you’ve heard Ngoc Lan you simply cannot listen to any other singing that song), on the CD cover it says, “Loi Viet do Ngoc Lan”… I’m very confused!

    Comment by Trong — 8/14/2003 @ 1:01 am
  5. Anh Trong, I thought Khuc Lan wrote “loi Viet” for “Mua Tren Bien Vang.”

    Comment by donny — 8/14/2003 @ 7:55 am
  6. Ngoc Lan wrote lyrics for “Ngày Vui Năm Ấy” and Nhật Ngân did for “Mưa Trên Biển Vắng”. I am positive. You guys can check by watching video tapes of Hollywood Night. There is a note for each song: singer, album, music, lyrics….

    Comment by TNS — 8/14/2003 @ 9:06 am
  7. TNS is right. Nhat Ngan was the one wrote Mua Tran Bien Vang.

    Comment by donny — 8/14/2003 @ 10:36 am
  8. Ngoc Lan hat nhung bai nay (Mua tren bien vang, mua He nam ay) khi chi da len den tot dinh danh vong.
    Toi nghiep cho chi nguoi yeu nghe nhu vay ma phai dut doan nua gay ganh mot cach tuc tuoi nhu vay.
    Toi cung thich bai Mua He Nam ay lam.

    Comment by Mai Chi — 8/14/2003 @ 3:59 pm