I Love Ngoc Lan

Your themes

I really like you having many different themes. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad, I open up using “Hope”, and I look at Ngoc Lan’s lovely face, I feel better right away. Sometimes I start with “Melancholy”, and I remember the first number “Mua Thu Ru em” from the Mat Troi Ben Kia Mua Ha video, the fall scenes, Ngoc Lan nhu con nai vang ngo ngac, dam len co vang, mo doi mat to nhin cuoc doi…
Anyway, whoever thought of doing the website in themes is really creative. I love your “Radiance” page, with the lovely picture, the breath-taking half-smile. She’s much better-looking than La Joconde with that mysterious half-smile.
Very good job, very good articles to read, and I love the poems. I’ll try to write some poems soon, if you guys don’t laugh at my… childish verses!


  1. Julia, your compliments really make my day. I was amazing how everything came together without any planning. I first started out with Meloncholy. I was really satisfied with it but I thought there could be more, so I put it away and created a new layout. The next thing I knew, I was coming up with many different designs that I wanted to use all of them. I first show them to chi Ngoc and ask for her opinion. She immediate gave a a name for each layout I created so that’s where we came up with all the themes idea.

    Julia, we always welcome your contributions. As long as it is from your heart, we all love to read/see your work features on iLoveNgocLan.com. I wish I can write some childish verses but ‘Tieng Viet thi da quen het con tieng Anh thi chang toi dau.’ Anyhow, hope to see your work soon!

    Comment by donny — 8/23/2003 @ 7:09 am
  2. Yes, I think you should give yourself a pat on the back, Donny, for a job well done. All you guys deserve a medal!

    Comment by yeumai — 8/26/2003 @ 5:53 pm
  3. Thanks Yeumai 🙂

    Comment by donny — 8/27/2003 @ 8:08 am