I Love Ngoc Lan

Do you haiku?

Haiku is a short Japanese-style poem, with a total of 17 syllables in this order: 5-7-5 syllables. Each haiku should have something suggesting a season (but it’s not necessary). Here are my first, second, and third haikus:

In my mind blossoms
a “bleeding heart” so tiny,
delicate yet strong.

This “heart” so special,
with everlasting fragrance,
on the windy hill…

Calling out to me,
“Stay by my side, won’t you please,
before Summer’s end?”


  1. Here are my next haikus”

    Blowing in the wind,
    tender and shy “heart” of mine
    makes my days merry.

    Ngoc-Lan, she’s all mine.
    Forever, this love I place
    on the pedestal.

    Surprise! Summer’s end’s here.
    Make haste! For the end is near.
    Ngoc-Lan, where art thou?

    My “heart” has folded
    for the last time, whispering
    so softly, “Ngoc-Lan!”

    Comment by minh — 9/1/2003 @ 8:32 pm
  2. And my “heart” lives on
    in my soul forever more,
    Ngoc Lan, I love you

    Comment by Suzi — 9/4/2003 @ 12:00 am
  3. Wow! Cam on cac ban:

    Ngoc Lan, will you wait
    don’t you know the time to part
    has yet to arrive?

    Comment by Julia — 9/8/2003 @ 7:36 am
  4. My “heart”, though, won’t stay,
    “Autumn’s here… Farewell, lover!
    Till another time…”

    Comment by ngoc — 9/8/2003 @ 12:01 pm