I Love Ngoc Lan

Like a Star

I came upon you
so suddenly, as if…
in a dream

Like a star
you had shone
so brightly, as if,
in the night,
my wish had come true..

I held your hand tightly
though the night was young,
the star could
in the vast skies…

In a moment
this light of my world,
love of my life
was out of reach.

You left behind
a world of desolation,
and despair,
unconcerned over my loss
the star flew away
to parts unknown…

My love unfulfilled
My story unfinished
My life is forever
longing for you…

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  1. Beautiful. It compliments the “longing” theme. Thanks so much Julia! You’re fantastic.

    Comment by donny — 10/7/2003 @ 7:22 pm

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