I Love Ngoc Lan


Some nights, like tonight, I am just hit by this tremendous sadness, Watching Ngoc Lan on tape on those nights makes things even more unbearable for me. I get so depressed when I look at that young face, those beautiful eyes and I can’t help but feel how unfair life really is.

This is why I am thankful everyday for this website. Everyday when I open it up, it’s like coming home, home to all like-minded friends, home to those who understand me and do not think of me as a “basket case” for still mourning, after nearly three years. That’s why I never ever take this site for granted even though it’s so easy to do…


  1. Co trai qua nhung dem buon khac khoai vi mot noi tiec nuoi mo ho, rat mo ho va day dut khong hieu bat nguon tu dau… thi moi hieu duoc dong tam su rat cam dong cua Trong. Ngoc Lan da khien bao nhieu trai tim thon thuc nuoi tiec va khoc tham. Boi do la Ngoc Lan.

    Comment by NgocLan Forever — 10/11/2003 @ 3:36 am

  2. I visit this site daily while listening to NL songs. To me this site is a monument of the great singer. I listen to her voice and look at her pictures and feel sad. Why this life is so fragile?

    Tony Le

    Comment by Lien Le — 10/11/2003 @ 10:29 pm

  3. To be honest with you, I can’t bear to watch certain performances, because they make me very sad. That said, I want to celebrate her life, rather than dwell on the pains and sadness. Ngoc Lan would want to be remembered, I think, as a young woman at the top of her form, a radiant beauty with a certain sweetness about her.

    And yes, since Ngoc Lan isn’t with us anymore, this website is “the next best thing”. It’s my home too.

    Comment by ngoc — 10/13/2003 @ 12:48 pm

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