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Nhằm mục đích đã đặt ra là giúp các trẻ em nghèo và bệnh tật ở Việt Nam, hôm nay quỹ từ thiện Ngoc Lan đã gởi đến gia đình em Nguyễn Phước Sang ở Mỹ Tho số tiền 100 Mỹ Kim để giúp em trong việc trị bệnh. Em Nguyễn Phước Sang, 6 tuổi, bị ung thư máu và đang được điều trị tại bệnh viện Ung Bướu tại Saigon. Nếu các bạn muốn biết rõ thêm chi tiết xin mời đọc bai bao chúng tôi cắt đăng ở đây

Chúc em Nguyễn Phước Sang chóng bình phục để tiếp tục cắp sách tới trường như em mong ước.


  1. I had a sister that had the acute leukemia. The medicine for the chemotherapy was extremely expensive. She was 19 when she made it to the US about 11 years ago. And she struggled for a year and a haft..She said I wanted to die..Because of the cost..the trouble of visiting doctors and hospital..the pains of biopsies.

    It broke my heart watching someone I loved dying. One day near Christmas a priest came over the house for the ritual of the sick so did the nurse for a christmas gift..All that told me that the end was near.

    She asked me to mail a letter for her..and next day was her last day..

    I felt pain over me when I am typing this.

    No name

    Comment by name — 11/6/2003 @ 12:24 pm

  2. It is always hard to see someone so young succumb to illness, especially someone close to you. At that age a young girl dates, goes to the mall, to the movies with friends, plans her future…. and then it seems as though over night, things change, inexplicably and “forever”.

    Sometimes things happen that we do not understand, but if we try to remember that things do happen for a reason, and if we have friends who feel the pain we feel then it can be a tremendous help.
    I hope you and your family members, while always remembering their loved one, can now be at peace.

    Comment by ngoc — 11/6/2003 @ 2:00 pm

  3. I re-read what I wrote; I was using an overused cliché “things happen for a reason”. Sounds like trivializing people’s sufferings. No, sometimes, bad things happen for no reason at all that one can detect. My condolences to you and your family.

    Comment by ngoc — 11/6/2003 @ 3:13 pm

  4. Sorry to hear that.

    Comment by donny — 11/6/2003 @ 3:35 pm

  5. Thanks,

    I remembered the years that I brought the whole family include crippled brothers and sister with leukemia, my aged parents to this country via ODP..The war and the aftermath had inflicted…

    It was a cold winter and I was laidoff, and everyone was sick (some with terminal disease such as hepatitis B, leukemia)..Everyone lives were hanging on a thread and hoped the magical medical treatment from the US.

    It took 12 years to settle. What a big storm in my life..That was a hornet nest that I was attacking me all over..

    I was blamed and I was hated. I am glad it is over now..I can live and write my thoughts out..and decided to be on my own and be happy thereafter..i hope.

    Once in a while I went to the graves of my dad and my sister and cried..cried for myself for many years of my lives had gone.

    Now you know Ngoc why I missed everything happened to NgocLan.



    Comment by Obsession — 11/6/2003 @ 5:56 pm

  6. Oh my God…so sorry to hear that, Obsession :( Peace be with you and please don’t let that incident haunt you for the rest of your life. Things happened and you are not supposed to be responsible for everything that happened.

    Anyway, tha`nh tha^.t chia buo^`n no^~i ma^’t ma’t cu?a ba.n va` gia ddi`nh.

    Comment by AngelNgocLan — 11/6/2003 @ 8:21 pm

  7. Xin chia buon cung voi ban Obsession.
    Mot nghia cu cua ilovengoclan.com–toi chac rang gia dinh cua cau be se khong bao gio quen duoc nghia cu do.

    Comment by Mai Chi — 11/7/2003 @ 5:15 pm

  8. Gia din`h cua~ ca^u be’ do’ ne^n lie^n la.c vo’i’ Baptist church in Vietnam de^~ lien lac voi’ America cancer society or redcross thi` se~ du’o’c su’ giu’p do’~ tu’` research fund.

    Research fund nay` cuc ky` lo’n’..khong biet america society co’ cover cases o’~ vietnam khong?

    Be^nh. nay` chi~ co’ mot hi vo.ng la` bone marow (?spelling) transfer. The chemotherapy chi~ ta.m tho’i` ma` tho^i.

    Ne^u’ bone marrow transfer thanh` co^ng thi` do’`i so^’ng cua~ ca^u. be’ co’ the^~ keo’ dai` the^m nhie^`u na*m.

    Da~ 11 na*m sau khi em to^i qua doi` to^i kho^ng con` theo doi~ nua’~.

    To^i dau xot’ nghe tinh` can~h nay`..May God brings miracles..


    Comment by Obsession — 11/9/2003 @ 8:51 pm

  9. Obsession, Thanks for th info. I will try to pass it on.

    From what I heard be Sang (the little kid) is in phrase 2. There are 4 phrases. If he reaches phrase 3, there won’t be any hope.

    I got a confirmation that the family received the donation from us.

    Comment by donny — 11/10/2003 @ 7:55 am

  10. ban admin nay khong ngo co ca si NGOC LAN vua hat hay va tot bung va lai con tot ca tinh nua chu lam sao lau co nguoi tot the khong biet nhi

    Comment by nguyenthi_thuhuyen14 — 8/10/2004 @ 11:59 am

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