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I would like to suggest that this site should have a section that lists ALL the songs that were ever sung by Ngoc Lan. For each song, we should include info about the length of the song, the songwriter (or translator for nhac ngoai quoc), the CD(s)/tape(s) that the song is found in, and the lyrics. We, as members and fans, can all help out with this, submitting info for any song we know or can find (new or old, rare or popular, etc). This doesnt seem very hard to accomplish if we are all willing to help out.

I am unsure how copyright stuff goes, but I’m sure that once we get the list of songs done, we would all hope to be able to download the songs that we want. As such, I think we should also allow members to download the MP3s for the songs.

Obviously, this is the harder part because now we (members) have to submit MP3s (via uploading), and MP3s can be harder to find. Also, there is the problem of diskspace to store all these MP3s and also the problem of bandwidth to allow downloads.

The obvious way we could handle these problems is that we can all chip in some $$$ to buy more diskspace and get better and faster connection. The alternative way is the ask for volunteers from our members who are willing to provide these resources. For instance, if some of us have servers with extra diskspace and good internet connections that are always on 24hrs, then the whole MP3 collection can be divided up between those people to host. When a member wants to download a song, he would (unknowingly) be downloading from one of these servers.

My point is that members other than the administrators and developers of this site can help serve the MP3s. This allows the administrators and developers of this site to continue performing the daily management and enhancement of the site without have to deal with administrating the sharing of files (MP3s).

I am very sure everyone will think that having a comprehensive list of NL songs (with info about each song) as well as the ability to download them will be beneficial. I’m sure some of us, like myself, are frustrated because we know the song we want but we cant find it online to download. Yet, we know that there must be someone out there that knows the song, that may know where to find the song, or that may even have the CD/tape with that song. If we can get all of Ngoc Lan’s fans to contribute to compiling the list of songs and info, we can then be able to seek any song we like. If we find out the MP3 is not yet available, we can now go out to find the exact CD/tape with the song we want, create the MP3 from that media and then share it online with everyone else. If we all help out, I’m sure we can make these features possible.

I have around 500 NL MP3s right now but my computer is not fast enough to be a server and my connection is not very fast either. But if we can get the song list up and running, I can give my collection to the person who does have a server and will be sharing the songs with the NL community here.

Here’s a sample of the list that I made. When you click on the title, a popup window appears displaying specific info about the song.

So what do you guys think of this idea?


  1. Mot y kien _ mot ke hoach tuyet voi , toi ung ho ca hai tay .Da tu lau , toi mo uoc co duoc tat ca nhung bai Ngoc Lan da trinh bay .Chung ta hay cung nhau lam thi toi nghi chac la se duoc ma .

    Comment by myall — 12/27/2003 @ 10:37 am

  2. lnong,

    The screenshot you put on caused the layout to drop because the image is larger than the layout. What I did was linked to your screenshot instead of putting on iLoveNgocLan.com. In the future, please link to a photo instead of putting in on the site.

    Thanks for sharing the information. It is certainly a great idea and will help us greatly with the music part. However, the reason we stay away from MP3 because of legal issues. We don’t want to get sue by the music productions.And yes! Web space is is huge problem. We only post songs that are requested by fans or big hits of Ngoc Lan, not every song she ever sang. That would be too much.

    From my point of view, I wouldn’t recommend upload MP3 to iLoveNgocLan server. The traffic will be jammed up if people come only to download MP3. If there is a volunteer to put all MP3 on his/her own server, that would be an ideal.

    Well, let see what everyone else thinks about this and we can discuss further. It’s certainly a nice idea.

    Comment by donny — 12/27/2003 @ 10:43 am

  3. Toi cung ung ho het minh ve y kien nay, nhung cung hieu nhung cai bo buoc tren cai website nay cua chung ta. Co vi nao hoi du dieu kien nhu James noi khong, neu nguoi mot chut thi chung ta co the hoan tat duoc, moi dung la fan cua Ngoc Lan.
    Toi de nghi viec lam dau tien la lam ra cai danh sach het tat ca nhac Ngoc Lan trinh bay truoc, cac ban nghi sao?

    Comment by Trong — 12/27/2003 @ 5:10 pm

  4. I would say she have more than 500. I have about 800 and still collecting.

    Comment by NL Forever — 12/27/2003 @ 5:34 pm

  5. Tam su

    Rat rat nhieu qua, toi chi nghe duy nhat Ngoc Lan ca thoi, day la su that ma hau nhu tat ca nhung nguoi than quanh toi dieu biet, boi voi toi co den 30 bang casette
    va rat nhieu CD. Ai den nha toi choi cung chi nghe toi mo nhac Ngoc Lan thoi. Nhung suot hon 10 qua toi cac bai hat ma toi thich nhat la: (top 12)

    4. MUA HE NAM AY
    7. TUYET ROI
    8. NANG DA TAT
    9. UOT MI
    10. REVOIR
    12. CAT BUI -TINH XA

    Co ai thich giong toi khong vay ca?

    Xuan Huy

    Comment by Xuan Huy — 12/29/2003 @ 9:46 am

  6. i’ve been looking for her collection for so long…I have a suggestion if you want to share you can upload to this place then post on this site the links then we can all download. this site give you unlimited space, traffic and so on try it out
    let me know if anything I can help you with

    Comment by daisy — 3/8/2004 @ 12:27 am

  7. Tôi không biết là có cái dự án này, giờ đã tới đâu rồi các bạn?

    Comment by Minh Ha — 7/18/2004 @ 3:24 pm

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