I Love Ngoc Lan


Hurray!!!! Một fan mới của Ngọc Lan đã tìm ra website này và đã viết lên những dòng sau đây. Anh James đã cho phép chúng tôi chép xuống đây nguyên văn cái email của anh.

To James: We’re so happy your search has led you here; welcome and we’re sure we’ll hear from you very often…


WOW! I’ve been waiting so long to see a fan site like this for Ngoc Lan. I remember searching the web and there were only a few (2) sites that had info on Ngoc Lan. And unfortunately, none of these had much content and none were kept updated. Even the site www.ngoclan.com never materialize and was registered to someone else for a totally different cause.

I am a very loyal fan of Ngoc Lan, as you may have guessed, and I want to thank everyone on your team for this terrific project. I, too, have been planning to create a real Ngoc Lan fan site for a long time, but I’ve never found enough free time to work on it. But now, seeing that www.ilovengoclan.com is more than I could ever have done by myself, all I can do now is sit back and enjoy this wonderful experience.

As a way of saying thanks for your hard work, I would like to submit a few things that I’ve done over the past year, and I hope they can be featured on your site. I own a large collection of NL songs and I created a set of covers for 6 CDs onto which I have handpicked and recorded my most favorite songs. I created these for my own use, not for commercial purposes, so I hope they are OK for displaying to the public. You can view them here. This is one way I can contribute to your site, and a testament to Ngoc Lan’s dream that her voice and songs will touch our whole community.

I hope to be able to contribute much much more. Thanks and keep up the good work.



  1. Welcome on board my friend.

    Comment by donny — 12/29/2003 @ 4:09 pm

  2. Chac phai noi lai, ban James khong phai la fan moi, James la “nguoi moi” nhung la “fan lau doi” cua Ngoc Lan. Nhung CD covers cua James dep qua!!!

    Comment by ngoc — 12/29/2003 @ 5:58 pm

  3. MC thich tam hinh, giong nhu hinh “Joy”, ma anh lam trang xoa, lai moi son do, that la doc dao… co the dem hinh nay vo trang nay duoc khong?

    Comment by Mai Chi — 12/30/2003 @ 2:59 pm

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