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“This morning instead of doing more useful things (as I was supposed to), I searched the web, got hold of a list of websites (official and “unofficial”) of singers, and clicked on many of those websites. What I found was that many websites are not functional, and those that are, with a very few exceptions, are not well-designed and furthermore, demonstrate a total lack of imagination.”

The above paragraph was part of what I wrote this morning, and to avoid hard feelings I just wanted to add that we’re here to honor Ngoc Lan, and it almost brings tears to my eyes seeing how Ngoc Lan’s name is “up there” with all the others, not forgotten as she might have been without this shrine (now again, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that her true fans would ever forget Ngoc Lan without this website, I just meant that she would be remembered only privately by individual fans.) By honoring Ngoc Lan this way, her accomplishments are highlighted for the world to see, and it’s as though Ngoc Lan “dang sanh vai cung voi cac nghe si khac hien dang noi tieng nhu con”. It’s as if she had never left, folks! (sigh)

Ngoc Lan a very classy lady, a legend… and she deserves to be honored in a very public way, lest the younger generations forget!


  1. Sorry, had to remove some weeds.

    Comment by ngoc — 1/13/2004 @ 1:27 pm

  2. Sweetie thấy http://www.chanhonline.com cũng hay lắm. có hẳn một phần forum cấu trúc rất hay dành cho fan. Rồi có cả lyrics, music… Một trang web khá đồ sộ và là mong ước của nhiều ca sĩ ở VN. Sweetie được biết trang này là do fan của Phương Thanh ở USA tạo ra.

    http://www.hongnhung.info cũng đẹp, nhưng forum cho fan thì không có, thiếu tính inter-active. Design thì được nhưng không update –> chán :o)

    Còn trang web của Lam Trường thì childish quá -> chán luôn :o)

    Comment by Sweetie — 1/13/2004 @ 1:54 pm

  3. Thanks chi Ngoc for the honest post. Ngoc Lan deserves to be honored in the public and the web is the perfect vehicle. What makes iLoveNgocLan stands out is the amount of contents. Although she is no longer with us, we are still collecting many wonderful things about her. Ngoc Lan lived a very quiet life and there weren’t much about her to know about beside her music. As a fan of Ngoc Lan for many years, I still learn something new about her every day through this site. Thanks all (except for some weeds) for your contrbutions to make this site as where it is today.

    Comment by donny — 1/14/2004 @ 8:02 am

  4. Me too! Thank you!

    Comment by Mai Chi — 1/23/2004 @ 3:15 pm

  5. Hom nay ngay 16/06/2004

    Hom nay minh tro lai day de tu tam su voi minh.
    Chac it ai tro lai day:

    Chi biet dau buon rang: Minh dang mang 1 con bao benh, khong biet khi nao moi het …..
    Co Ngoc Lan phu ho cho con su hanh phuc va suc khoe nhe …

    Chuc co van su binh an.

    Comment by Tinh xua — 6/16/2004 @ 7:08 am

  6. Tình Xưa,

    Không biết Tình Xưa bị bạo bệnh gì nhưng tôi cũng thành thật chúc Tình Xưa chóng bình phục. Tôi cũng chúc Tình Xưa có nhiều can đảm (như Ngọc Lan) để tranh đấu. Ngọc Lan chắc chắn sẽ phù hộ một người ái mộ dễ thương như Tình Xưa.

    Comment by TNS — 6/16/2004 @ 9:15 am

  7. Hy vong Tinh Xua se mau lanh benh. Nhat dinh chi Ngoc Lan se phu ho cho ban. Hay co gang len ban nhe!

    Chuc ban binh an va tai qua nan khoi.

    Comment by donny — 6/16/2004 @ 9:51 am

  8. Tình Xưa oi, tôi cầu mong Ơn Trên cho bạn được hồi phục sức khỏe. Mong Ơn Trên chiếu cố đến bạn và đem phước lành cho bạn.

    Comment by Minh Ha — 7/18/2004 @ 3:14 pm

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