I Love Ngoc Lan


Lost in her own thoughts
about destiny… joyless thoughts,
as she was surrounded
by millions who applauded.

Beloved by many
who exclaimed over her beauty
Yet feeling so utterly
alone… melancholy.

Solitude has come to claim
its unwilling partner,
“Reach into the deepest
corners of your mind”

She asked, “will I find comfort?
or will it be despair
that will claim my soul,
inch by inch, thought by thought?”

“Reach into the deepest
corners of your mind.
In this solitude,
you shall find tranquility.”
(Came the answer)

to Solitude,
this master of endless nights,
she let go… “Bonjour Tristesse!”

Tang Ngoc Lan, nguoi mang den niem vui cho tat ca!

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  1. Yeah! My poet is back. Ms. Julia is once again dropping some blazin’ rhymes. Thank you

    Comment by donny — 2/19/2004 @ 8:30 am

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