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Bài Dự Thi “I am Ngoc Lan’s greatest fan “ by Tuấn Ðức Nguyễn

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What words should be used to express or elucidate to the whole world that I am Ngoc Lan’ s greatest fan? Could it be simple as if I tell you that I have all the collective songs which were performed by our lovely artist Ngoc Lan, or if I tell you that I have been in love with her sweet voices since her premier debut to the public, or if I tell you that I often see her singing in my dreams, or if I tell you that I often go crazy and bursted whenever her sweet voices touchs my heart, or if I tell you that my life has became emptiness since our lovely Ngoc Lan’s departure. Oh God! I am so in love with her sweet voices, in love with everything that she had contributed to this world, and especially to our music world. If I have the opportunity to make my choices between having the whole world or having a piece of everything that once was possessed by our lovely Ngoc Lan, I would choose having a piece of everything that once possessed by our lovely Ngoc Lan. My choice might not be realistic, but having the whole world is not essential need to my life since it does not nourish my spiritual life. After nearly three years of finding comfort, I have realized that I can only find comfort in anything that associates to our lovely Ngoc Lan. The grief of the loss of our lovely artist can only be relieved in spiritual way, not material. I confidently feel that millions fans out there would feel the same way. I truly understand that as a fan, we all think that we are Ngoc Lan ‘s greatest fan. We claim for that title not because we want to be a winner of the writting contest, but we want to expess our love, affection, devotion, passions, appreciation, supports, grateful, sorrow, and the grief of our loss. I, myself truly think that I am Ngoc Lan’s greatest fan, but I do not want being selfish, so I am willing to share that title with everyone. I will be very happy even being voted as one of the Ngoc Lan’s greatest fan.
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Tuan Duc Nguyen

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  1. Joining with Ngoc Lan’s other fans, listening to Ngoc Lan’s music, and sharing with us your affection for Ngoc Lan, those are the things that I hope will bring you a little piece of Ngoc Lan.

    Comment by ngoc — 3/16/2004 @ 7:18 pm

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