I Love Ngoc Lan

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  1. Thanks I love the music..some that I never heard before.

    Comment by Obsessions — 9/8/2004 @ 12:26 pm

  2. Anyone know about those songs that Ngoc Lan recorded or performed on Thuy Nga (Paris by Night) and where can I find them?

    Comment by A Fan — 9/8/2004 @ 1:48 pm

  3. I don’t think Ngoc Lan ever did any recording with Thuy Nga. Even when she performed on Paris By Night, those were the songs from Ngoc Lan Musique production. I am not 100% sure so don’t quote me on it.

    Comment by Donny — 9/8/2004 @ 2:12 pm

  4. Doony, I think A Fan is right and you are right too.
    The songs she perform on Paris by Night are from Ngoc Lan Musique and yet she recorded 2 albums with Thuy Nga. I’ve seen them on tape, but not on CD.
    1st album is Ngoc lan, Kieu Nga, & Hoa Mi
    2nd album is Ngoc Lan, Hoa Mi, & Huynh Thi.
    The song “Dem Thay Ta La Thac Do” is from the 1st album I beleive.
    Some people has bought these 2 album in Vietnam. If anyone know where in Vietnam you could buy these 2 album, please let us know.

    Comment by Loan — 9/8/2004 @ 4:30 pm

  5. Oh IC, thanks Loan.

    Comment by Donny — 9/8/2004 @ 5:05 pm

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    Comment by Thang do — 9/10/2004 @ 11:46 am

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