I Love Ngoc Lan


Tu khi biet duoc cai website nay cua co Ngoc Lan thi con log in rat la nhieu lan.Chi mong log vo duoc cai register nay de co the noi chuyen voi co “invisible Ngoc Lan”. lan nay duoc roi thi mung muon chet! Co oi, con moi 11 tuoi ma me co lam,co duoc 1 cuon bang cat-set ma nghe mai lam anh con nhuc ca oc! Chi mong co thuong a luon nghi den con.
Love co,


  1. Be Kim oi,
    The Be thuong nghe co Ngoc Lan hat nhung bai
    nao? Va trong so do Be thich bai hat nao nhat?
    Be co the vao trang MUSIC de duoc nghe that
    nhieu that nhieu bai hat cua Co ay.
    Thuong goi den Be bai ” Tuoi than tien” va
    chuc Be luon vui trong giac mo voi nguoi ca si
    than tuong: NGOC LAN!!!

    Comment by be sua — 11/25/2004 @ 7:26 pm

  2. be’ Kim be nhu the ma iu co NL den vay ah? Anh rat tran trong nhung tinh cam cua be danh cho NL. Hi vong tren thien dang , co NL se rat vui khi co dc nhung fan dang yeu nhu be Kim day. Chuc be vui

    Comment by nguoitinhnammy88 — 12/11/2004 @ 5:33 am

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