I Love Ngoc Lan

Thank You Angel Ngoc Lan

| TinhMaiBenNhau

Dear Angel Ngoc Lan.
Since we are in the holiday season, I would like to thankyou for creating all the wonderful, creative sketches of NgocLan. I love them with all my heart. I use them as a screen saver on my PC and even better yet, I take pictures of them with my camera phone and save them as my phone’s background, it is truly a great gift, being able to bring Ngoc Lan with me wherever I go: to school, to work, and on trips. I used to use old pix of Ngoc Lan from my CD’s for this purpose but since you started making those beautiful sketches of Ngoc Lan heavenly appearing over the lakes, streams, bridges, waterfall, and woods, it has really brought new light into my life. Whenever I am feeling empty, I take my phone out and gaze at NL and all the beautiful places that she has been to. Beside from the deeply emotional music that Ngoc Lan has given the world, this has enabled me to hold on to the memories of NL, and has given me a more physical way to keep in touch with her eventhough she is no longer with us. I hope you keep working hard at what you do and share your talents with all of us here to enjoy. Looking foreward to seeing more from you. Thank YOU so Much.


  1. Oh…that’s so sweet of you, TinhMaiBenNhau. I’m deeply touched and proud to hear that you enjoy the artworks. But I have to give the credits to our wonderful Admin group, Donny, chị Ngọc, and anh TNS for their help on many of my artworks. I couldn’t have done it without them. And thank you for your support too, TinhMaiBenNhau.

    Of course, without Ngọc Lan I coudn’t have done anything. Only her beauty and angelic voice can inspire me. She’s my #1.

    Ngọc Lan forever. WE LOVE YOU!

    Comment by AngelNgocLan — 11/30/2004 @ 1:30 am
  2. Oh, Angel….I love your artworks. They all have touching meanings to me too, especially the picture selected for the new theme. I smile and think of you(and your promised Bun Rieu) everytime I look at it. My special thanks to you.

    Comment by M&M — 11/30/2004 @ 9:15 pm