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Need help finding song… unknown title

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Hello 🙂
I am so happy finding thgis site. I trust i can get help here in english language too, since i am not vietnamese even tough being adopted by vietnamese.
Upon me settling from my native Germany to Thailand in 2000, i have left behind my entire music collection. Now i am desperately looking for one specific song that was sung by Ngoc Lan at a live concert. I had it on a cassette tape which most likely had been a bootleg because the quality was very bad. At that particular concert Ngoc Lan had her entry after Kieu Nga, and the song itself was sung half in english and half in vietnamese.
I do speak understandable vietnamese but i can not write/read it, so i try to give information as i remember since the cassette recording was indeed VERY bad of quality.
It went like: “Give me a (snooky), give me a (snooky), sweet as a summer romance …. Give me a (snooky), give me a (snooky), … ” where “snooky” could be anything that sounds similar, i was unable to ever find out what it really meant.
I know it is not much i can provide, but it is more than five years since i last heard that song and even then, it was of such bad quality recording that i could not make out more than the above. I love that particular song because of it’s melody and Ngoc Lan’s voice.
Please, if anyone here has an idea which song this might be, please let me know. For a hint on where to find it i would be extremely happy – regardless what file type or quality of recording. Here in Bangkok i have no access to vietnamese music at all, except for Kazaa.
With kindest regards…….

Thanh, from Bangkok

by Thanh-BKK

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