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Suggestion to the ILoveNgocLan’s Admin Team

| Scoobydoo

Dear ILoveNgocLan Admin Team,
I don’t know if this is a good suggestion or not, but I want to throw the idea out there.

I know you guys have put a lot of songs in the “music box” section. Of course, that means we, as Ngoc Lan fans, can’t download them or convert them in any way. My suggestion is to put some of her rare songs into a few CDs. If someone want those CDs, they can donate money to help for maintaining the website.

Just a thought…


  1. Dear Scoobydoo,
    The Music Box is like a CD player; it’s easier and quicker for fans to listen to the songs we post on it. It’s also easier and quicker for us to upload the songs and change them regularly. It’s not practical for us to post all songs performed by Ngoc Lan on the Music page permanently. Therefore the purpose of posting songs on the Music Box is not to prevent fans from downloading them. Actually you can download them if you know how. People did download songs (especially the exclusive ones) from our Music Box and posted them on their website.

    We appreciate your suggestion as to have the exclusive or rare Ngoc Lan songs on CD’s and use them to raise funds for iLoveNgocLan.com. We think that’s a great idea but the thing is we can only distribute the CD’s in the US and have no idea how many takers there would be. Most takers we guess would be those living in VN but sending the CD’s to them will be impractical; the shipping costs will be prohibitive not to mention the problem we’ll encounter with the censorship bureau.

    Comment by admin — 6/30/2006 @ 8:42 pm

  2. Hi@ Scoobydoo
    I Think you can download the songs which uploaded in ” Music Box ” , After listened the song ( you must open “music box ” in Internet Exploree Browser ) you open your “Temporary Internet Files” Folder in your Computer and try to find the listened song, It is stored there.
    You can open ” Temporary Internet Files ” Folder by click Start->Settings -> Control Panel
    -> Internet Options , It will open the Window, In the Tab ” General ” find and click ” Settings” in the “Settings” Tab , find and click ” View Files ” , It will open Folder ” Temporary Internet Files “.
    I think you can download The songs Uploaded in ” Music Box ” to enjoy , but The music Quality is only Medium , Try to buy The Copyright CD in the CD shop, the music Quality is better.
    *** if you don’t know how to download the Song in ” Music Box” , Please send email to me .
    My email Address: [email protected]

    Comment by thangdo — 7/2/2006 @ 9:25 pm

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