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kimigasuki ???

| RungNauyKG

Cho mình hỏi ca khúc kimagasuki của cô NL trình bày là ca khúc của nước nào vậy?  lên GOogle search mà chẳng thấy kết quả , thích bài đó lắm .


  1. Bài hát “Kimagasuki” là của nước Nhật.

    Comment by khanhphuong2008 — 5/4/2009 @ 10:13 am

  2. Chắc RungNauyKG đang tìm Lyric của bài này ?


    As the sun left the summer’s velvet skyes,
    And be gone leaveing autumn in your eyes.
    Just that year till I see your face once more.
    Ill appear where the tides rolled into shore.

    Kimigasuki, Kimigasuki,
    Sweet as the summer romance.
    Kimigasuki, Kimigasuki,
    Started with the casual glass I love you
    Kimigasuki, Kimigasuki,
    Songs in a sleepy lagoon.
    The August moon faded much too soon.

    Promise me that you’ll write me everyday
    From your school to my home near by the bay.
    If I could I would walk a thousand miles
    Just to be where you are and make you smile.

    Comment by BenLai — 5/5/2009 @ 9:56 pm

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