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Today we received a beautiful email from a fan in Shanghai and would like to share it here. Eric Zhao writes:

Dear Donny Trương and Sinh Trần,

My name is Eric Zhao and I’m based in Shanghai, China. Years ago, I discovered the music of the great Vietnamese singer Ngoc Lan and I immediately fall in love with it. I’ve found your contact information on iLoveNgocLan.com.

Ngoc Lan’s songs are melancholically and subtly beautiful and profound. Her song “Mưa Trên Biển Vắng,” “Hạnh Phúc Nơi Nào” etc… Originally the German song “So Viele Lieder Sind in Mir.” Actually the music of “Hạnh Phúc Nơi Nào” is also well-known in China and it is sung by the Hong Kong singer Priscilla Chan called 夜机. I’m also a lover of French chanson. Ngoc Lan also interprets many chanson perfectly in a Vietnamese and Asian way.

However, I know little of Vietnamese language and culture. I hope to know more about the meaning and background of her songs as well as her life. Based on what I’ve read, it seems to me that she was once popular among overseas Vietnamese community but now many people in Vietnam also love her music. Similar things happened in China too. Many great Chinese singers like Teresa Teng was once popular outside of mainland China but later millions of Chinese people embraced her music as the political and social environment changed in mainland China since the 1980s.

The beauty of this great singer Ngoc Lan, both music and appearance, transcends linguistic and national border. Based on my instinct, I can tell that many Chinese will love her music if properly promoted and I hope someday to promote her music to the Chinese audience!

Best wishes,

Thank you Eric for this lovely letter. We are glad to hear that you had discovered Ngoc Lan and fell in love with her music. She was truly a one-of-kind artist. Even today, her music finds its way to the hearts of new and young listeners.

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