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It Takes a Village

As with all great ideas, this one started small. One of Ngoc Lan’s die-hard fans, Trong Le, discovered a page with Ngoc Lan’s pictures that was part of a website designed by Donny Truong of Visualgui.com. It turns out Donny is also a true fan (or he wouldn’t have posted those pictures there in the first place, right?). So Trong emailed Donny, asking if he would help design a whole website just for Ngoc Lan. He said he didn’t have much money, but would pay for the basic stuff to get the site started. In other words, he had the nerve to ask Donny to donate his time and web designing skills to build this Home of Ngoc Lan’s True Fans. To his amazement, he got a reply instantly (almost instantly, anyway), “Yes!” came the resounding response. That was music to the ear of another of Ngoc Lan’s Fan, Ngoc Lam, who added to the wealth of research provided by Trong, culminating in many of the writings found throughout the site. Another fan, ‘TNS’, has continued to devote boundless energy, making on-going contributions to the website.

As mentioned elsewhere, this website is the result of teamwork. It is our desire for our team to continue growing; for this reason, we welcome your valuable comments and contributions in all forms. We’ve seen how fans of other artists have sacrificed money, fame, and even their families (we’re exaggerating a bit here) in order to create a home in cyberspace for their idols. And we thought, “Why not create a site for a true artist?” We’re sure you’ll agree, “Why not indeed?”

To learn more about us, check out Behind the Scenes article.

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