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Khoang thang 9 hoac 10 2005, co 1 fan o Phap gioi thieu 1 web site moi gianh cho Ngoc Lan. Web site rat don gian nhung co rat nhieu nhac cua Ngoc Lan nghe rat hay. Rat tiec la toi khong co add cai web do vao my favorites. Co ai nho hoac van thuong visit web site do thi xin post len day cai address.

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Mot dieu dang tiec

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Ngoc Lan da hat & da tao nhieu ban nhac tro thanh bat hu, du la nhac viet hay nhac phap.

Chinh xac thi toi khong biet Ngoc Lan da ra bao nhieu CD, hoac record bao nhieu bai hat. Nhung co dieu toi that tiec & mong la Ngoc Lan da record nhung bai hat nay:

1. Hoai cam (Cung Tien)
2. Doi cho (Pham Dinh Chuong)
3. Phoi pha (Trinh Cong Son)
4. Serenade (Franz Schubert)

Khong biet la Ngoc Lan da tung bao gio nghi qua nhung bai hat tren?
Con cac ban nghi sao?

Theme Music

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Should we have a song for each theme as we select?

How about “Mua thu ru em” for melancholy, “viens membrasser” for hope, “Johny Johny” for joy…

What would you fans think? & any suggestion?

Toi Voi Nguoi da Quen

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I’ve been looking for this CD for a long time, but no luck.
Does anyone know if May Productions ever release this CD which featuring Ngoc Lan & Tuan Ngoc.