I Love Ngoc Lan


Consulting my dictionary,
“Keen enjoyment,” it says.
Truly I hope
in the short span
you enjoyed life
to the fullest
as it showered upon you
all you wished for
and more…
So that when Life
took it all away,
It still left you

To my idol Ngoc Lan, in peace you rest…


Lost in her own thoughts
about destiny… joyless thoughts,
as she was surrounded
by millions who applauded.

Beloved by many
who exclaimed over her beauty
Yet feeling so utterly
alone… melancholy.

Solitude has come to claim
its unwilling partner,
“Reach into the deepest
corners of your mind”

She asked, “will I find comfort?
or will it be despair
that will claim my soul,
inch by inch, thought by thought?”

“Reach into the deepest
corners of your mind.
In this solitude,
you shall find tranquility.”
(Came the answer)

to Solitude,
this master of endless nights,
she let go… “Bonjour Tristesse!”

Tang Ngoc Lan, nguoi mang den niem vui cho tat ca!

If only I could

If only I could
I would write your name
across the skies
so all eternity
would know that you
once graced us all
with your smiles,
with your songs.

If only I could
I would petition
to God up high
so He’ll know
how much you’re loved
by those you left behind,
taking away
melodies so young…

If only I could
I would carve your face
on mountains and hills
that reach the sea
as well the sun
and the moon
so all would know
this splendor

that was you!

Like a Star

I came upon you
so suddenly, as if…
in a dream

Like a star
you had shone
so brightly, as if,
in the night,
my wish had come true..

I held your hand tightly
though the night was young,
the star could
in the vast skies…

In a moment
this light of my world,
love of my life
was out of reach.

You left behind
a world of desolation,
and despair,
unconcerned over my loss
the star flew away
to parts unknown…

My love unfulfilled
My story unfinished
My life is forever
longing for you…

Your beauty

This beauty you embodied,
inside and out.
It makes me wish
I could have known you.

This peace you possessed,
navigating the storm
that was your life.
Let me taste it too.

This tranquillity you felt…
Was that something you learned,
over time, through pains and sorrows?
How I long to have this gift!

This inner strength you showed,
through life’s ups and downs.
Were you born with it?
Teach me how to attain it…

Do you haiku?

Haiku is a short Japanese-style poem, with a total of 17 syllables in this order: 5-7-5 syllables. Each haiku should have something suggesting a season (but it’s not necessary). Here are my first, second, and third haikus:

In my mind blossoms
a “bleeding heart” so tiny,
delicate yet strong.

This “heart” so special,
with everlasting fragrance,
on the windy hill…

Calling out to me,
“Stay by my side, won’t you please,
before Summer’s end?”

Beautiful Maria

Beautiful Maria,
sweet as sugar,
who sings me to sleep,
and whose love is deep,
I now love only
from afar.

Good-hearted Maria,
whose angel’s face
remains timeless.
But those eyes,
that never knew goodbyes,
will start to cry.

Talented Maria,
with voice magnificent,
is so benevolent.
She gives up her career
when God says,
“I need you near!”

Your themes

I really like you having many different themes. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad, I open up using “Hope”, and I look at Ngoc Lan’s lovely face, I feel better right away. Sometimes I start with “Melancholy”, and I remember the first number “Mua Thu Ru em” from the Mat Troi Ben Kia Mua Ha video, the fall scenes, Ngoc Lan nhu con nai vang ngo ngac, dam len co vang, mo doi mat to nhin cuoc doi…
Anyway, whoever thought of doing the website in themes is really creative. I love your “Radiance” page, with the lovely picture, the breath-taking half-smile. She’s much better-looking than La Joconde with that mysterious half-smile.
Very good job, very good articles to read, and I love the poems. I’ll try to write some poems soon, if you guys don’t laugh at my… childish verses!