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Places to Buy CD/DVD in Vietnam

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I’ll be traveling to Vietnam in 2 weeks.
This is my first time back to Vietnam after many years. I’ll be staying in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) area on Nguyen Hue street for only a few days while on a tour.
Are there any CD/DVD stores that carry Ngoc Lan’s older songs. I heard that you can only get those there as they don’t have them here in the US.

Thank you for your help.

Ngoc Lan’s VCD

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Does anyone know a name or an address of a music store in Vietnam that have Ngoc Lan’s VCD? A friend of mine is going back to Vietnam and he want to buy a copy.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Anyone interested in doing this?

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Is there anyone who would be interested in trading songs? I have in the past trade songs with someone else in another country. It wouldn’t matter if the person is in the U.S. or not. So for example, the person would ask me for a certain songs that he’s looking for and I would do the same. We would burn the CD and send to each other. It’s in a way of benefit both parties because both people get what they want.
What do you all think and is there anyone interested in doing this?

News from May / Da Lan Productions

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I just spoke to Anh Thang regarding Ngoc Lan’s CD’s & DVD.
Here are the info:

Ngoc Lan & Tuan Ngoc’s orginal CD will come out this Christmas.
He’s also working on combining Ngoc Lan’s old songs that she sang for Da Lan Productions before. He said it will likely be in a box set of 3 or 4 CD.

The DVD (from Ngoc Lan 1 & 2 videos combine) has been delay due to some editing reasons, but he is hoping to have it release by March 6, 2004.
The director is in the process of figuring out editing more scenes that we haven’t seen before. He said there is no interviews, but there might be one new songs of Ngoc Lan in the DVD. From what I know, the song is “Tinh Xanh”. I’m sure most of us know that song from Ngoc Lan’s first album with May Prodcutions.

I think this is a good start because it gives me something to look forward to. As we all know, May Productions value quality very much so they want their product to be as close to perfect as possible. I know it will be a while before we will have the chance to see the new DVD, but it’s worth a wait.
I urge all Ngoc Lan fans who live in the U.S. to call May Productions and check on the DVD from time to time because they need the support. They are just afraid that no one will buy the DVD if they release it.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Visiting Ngoc Lan

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I just want to share something with everyone.
A month ago, I went to Santa Anna. Besides vacationing there, I also visited Ngoc Lan’s Grave. The first time I was there, Anh Tran Thang’s wife (May Productions) took me there, but when I was there this time, I completely forgot where it was since that it’s a big cemetery. I asked one of the ladies who works there. I was amazed by her response.
She first asked me for Ngoc Lan’s real name so I gave her Ngoc Lan’s real name.
After about 5 minutes, she said to me, “Isn’t she a singer.”
I said, “wow you still remember her even though it has been over 2 years now?”
She said, “Oh yes, how can I forget. She must be a very famous singer because that day was very very crowded and still now, we have many visitors visiting her grave.”
She also said, “She’s so pretty to die so young”
I thank her and went to find Ngoc Lan’s Grave.
I brought flowers and said some prayers. One thing I said to Ngoc lan was, “All of your fans miss you tremendously and we’ll always miss you. You are always in our heart.” I stayed there for about half an hour and left.
I just wanted to know are there anyone out there who did attend Ngoc Lan’s funeral that day? I, myself, choose not to attend her funeral because I think it would be too devastating for me and I don’t know if I can handle that. I would rather keep her in my mind as she was before she passed away.

Last Call for DVD Title

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I’m planning to call May Productions sometimes this week to give them the suggested titles of Ngoc Lan’s DVD.
What do you guys think of the title:
“Nhung Dong Nhac Con Lai” or “Van Con Nho…”
I know some of you guys suggested “I Love Ngoc Lan” which is cool as well.
I might call them toward the end of this week.
Any other titles that you might have like?

Title of DVD

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I just spoke to the producer at May Productions.
He is taking all of suggestions into consideration. I suggested to him that Ngoc Lan Fans would like to see “behind the scenes”, unrelease pictures, interviews with the people who help make the videos, etc..
Now, he asked us for something quite important.
What title should we use for the DVD? Should we take one of the title from the videos or should we give it a new title?
He knows about this website and he said to me how about if the title of the DVD is “I Love Ngoc Lan”. What do you think?
I said I will get back to him wiith the title of the DVD.


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I need your suggestions.
I have spoken to May Productions (Da Lan Productions). The producers Tran Thang is planning to transferring 2 of Ngoc Lan’s Vdeos into DVD which I think is a great idea. He plans to release this during this summer. He has asked for suggestions of what to put in their to make it more interesting. I have suggested to interview the director, assistant director, etc…
What do you think would make the DVD more interesting that people (other than Ngoc Lan Fans) would buy this video? I’m not trying to help May Productions make any profits. My main point is I just want everyone to remember the #1 singer and how no other performance can beat her.
Any comments or suggestions?

Ngoc Lan CD

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I’m wondering if any other Ngoc Lan’s Fans would know the exact amount of CD she has come out. I know she has many of CD of herself and she also sng with other singers as well.

Also, does anyone know what’s Ngoc Lan’s very first song that she sang?