I Love Ngoc Lan

Plz help me to find this song

| TramLyTNP

oh, guys..plz help me!! Plz
I have this song: Voyage A Venise (Piano – Richard Clayderman)
—> Does someone among u all know this song?? Is it familiar?? Yes, i have an old song of Ngoc Lan that has the Voyage A Venise (Piano – Richard Clayderman)’s melody. But i don’t know its name

+++ I and my mum like Ngoc Lan’s song much, but that song’s sound is very bad and it is in a cassete tape.

…. So, if u know the name of Ngoc Lan’s song, may u give it to me?? If u have a link to that song, plz share with me, haven’t u??

Contact to me, plz: [email protected]