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This website has been created to honor Ngoc Lan, a beautiful, talented artist who recorded about 600 works. She sang in Vietnamese, French, and English, and was equally at home in all rhythms: pop, bolero, tango, etc… For several years, she was the only Vietnamese artist who boldly went where no other had gone before: being the main star and attraction in not one but two music videos produced back-to-back.

“Nhu Em Da Yeu Anh” and “Mat Troi Ben Kia Mua Ha” were introduced in 1989 and 1991, respectively, and immediately caused a sensation among music lovers young and old, male and female. From mid-1980’s to mid 1990’s she was the artist commanding the highest appearance fees in the history of Vietnamese music.

Ngoc Lan’s velvety, sweet voice, mesmerizing stage presence, and indescribably angelic beauty, quickly captivated millions of hearts in Vietnamese communities around the world, creating a “Ngoc Lan phenomenon”

Unlike other “stars”, Ngoc Lan led a very private life, amidst speculations, especially after she was struck with a dreadful disease, Multiple Sclerosis. From mid-1993 to mid-1994, she disappeared from the music scene. It was known then that her sister, writer Le Thao Chuyen, was murdered in a robbery in 1994 causing Ngoc Lan much sorrow, but it is widely known now that the symptoms of her illness first entered the scene at this time. When she resumed singing, her appearances were sporadic as she could only perform live when her health permitted. With respect to recording, she continued at a feverish pace, as if recognizing her time with her fans would be short. Her last CD was Ta Say (Ngoc Lan Musique Productions), and her last professional appearance was on Asia video, performing Khoc Mot Dong Song, which literally means, To Cry a River.

Yes, we cried rivers when you left us, Ngoc Lan… You will live forever in our hearts!

Below is the address of Ngoc Lan’s resting place:

Ngoc Lan/ThanhLan Le
Good Shepherd Cemetery And Mausoleum
8301 Talbert Ave.
Huntington Beach, Ca 92646-1546
(714) 847-8546
Grave 3
Lot 2225
Section GS

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